General Status Update — March 2020

I continue to be really bad about regularly posting here.

In actual news, I have finally finished A Thorne Is Born, the ninth and final installment in The Phoenix, The Nightingale, and The Magpies. That was posted last week. I’ve got a bunch of different SCP things in progress or planned, none of which I will commit to right now because I have learned my damn lesson.

I also have a podcast now! Myself and several of my friends and frequent collaborators have gotten together to do a role-playing campaign set in Three Portlands, which I’ve been recording, editing, and posting as an actual play podcast. Because we all needed another one of those. This is almost entirely a trick I’m playing on my own brain to force myself into accountability, but it is also occasionally funny, so feel free to check it out. You can follow it on our hub on the SCP Wiki (here) or on our page over at our hosting provider RedCircle (here). Or on whatever app you get your podcasts on, most likely.

Work on Newshound continues in fits and starts, but the overall manuscript is up to about 20,000 words and I’ve finished the first section. It’s difficult to gauge my progress because it’s something that I don’t keep as a constant focus — if I dedicated myself to writing at least 1000 words a week, I could absolutely do it, but it would come at the expense of something else. Right now, I have a bunch of senior-level physics courses occupying a good chunk of my time, so long-term projects like a novel are getting less of my attention.

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